• Susie Gates

Under a Gooseberry bush!

My dad, bless him, used to tell me that he had found me under a gooseberry bush! A new-born baby?

I used to think it was amazing that he had come along just at the right time, purely to find me and look after me. Did you know that just over 3000 children were adopted in the U.K last year?

Adoption can bring immense joy, but sometimes it can be confusing and bring some sadness & pain. It is a very sensitive & intricate journey for all parties concerned.

I am highly experienced in helping clients with issues surrounding this topic. There are often a lot of questions that we cannot seem to find answers for. Should you seek out your birth family? Will you upset your it better not to know?

My mother who adopted me was also adopted. There can be feelings of abandonment, not belonging, lack of self-worth and so on, regardless of a happy family environment. These are just a few issues I have worked with over the years.

I have walked this particular journey, and it has been a true honour to do so.

Thank you for trusting me.

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